Lash Extensions

Have you had Lash extensions before? If not, you may have heard a little bit about them and it may even be overwhelming. They’tr different types of lashes to choose from, along with different diameters, lengths and styles.

Classic Lashes, are one lash extension on one natural lash. you can choose from a variety of diameters and lengths. recommended diameters for a classic set are between .15mm and .25mm. the length can depend on a variety of factors; length you like, vs a length that is healthy for your natural lash. lengths range from 8mm-25mm long,

before and after classic lashes

Hybrid lashes: one lash extension on one natural lash, plus a mix of multiple lashes (fans) .

Volume Lashes are all fans (multiple lashes on one n atural lash) these lashes look fluffier.

MEga Volume: heavier fans making for super fluffy lashes


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Lash artist / Sugarbrig Practitioner / brow artist

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