Lash & SugarBrig Aftercare

Lash Extension Aftercare

  • Do not get your eyelash extensions wet for 48 hours. If you must take a shower, use cold water and keep the bathroom door open to avoid excess humidity. Avoid hot yoga, saunas, and/or any activities that involve excessive sweating.
  • Do not use oil based products, creams, or waterproof mascara.
  • Use only water based makeup/makeup remover
  • Do not perm, tint, or use eyelash curler
  • Remove makeup around the eye with cotton swabs
  • Be careful to avoid pulling extensions or rubbing your eyes. Use eyelash wand to brush them.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your eyelashes as much as possible.
  • Do not try to remove them your eyelash extensions, If you would like your eyelash extensions removed schedule an appointment and they will be removed free of charge.
  • To extend the life of your lashes schedule fills every 2-4 weeks.
  • Wash your eyelashes regularly to extend their lifetime starting 48 hours after application. Wash using gentle cleanser or a small amount of baby soap. Gently brush with eyelash wand and water.
  • Avoid using products like washcloths, cotton pucks, cotton, or wool on your eyelashes as fibres can get stuck and can be difficult to get out, using a cotton swab is easiest when removing makeup.
  • cleansers shouldnt contain: oil, glycols, or alcohol,
  • Do not wear mascara on the lash extensions, as it makes them heavy and the can pull on thnatural lash
  • Look away when opening an oven, woodstove or other fire/heat related areas. (the  first blast of heat can bake the glue and ruin your lashes). 

SugarBrig Hair Removal Aftercare

do not do any hot yoga or exercise that makes you sweat for 24h after & make sure you exfoliate after 24-48. Use Lotion after hair removal to to anywhere except the face!


  • You lose 2-5 natural eyelashes everyday. You may notice this more now that you have extensions attached to them 1 week = 14-35 lost lashes
  • 2 weeks = 28-70 lost lashes
  • 3 weeks = 42-105 lost lashes (this is why we recommend every 3 weeks for a fill)

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