What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash Extensions are semi permanent fibers added to your natural lashes in order to make them look longer, darker and or fuller. In the case of LengthyLashes, we use a faux mink in place of real mink in order to refrain from animal cruelty. LAsh extensions last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending ona variety of reasons! you loose 1-5 natural lashes every day; that is up to 35 a week, 70 every two weeks etc. you get a whole new set of natural lashes every 60-90 days, this means your lash extensions also fall out! depending on your natural lash cycle, &your aftercare will depend on how often you need an infill.


a fill is essentially just “filling in” the spots that have fallen out or grown back without a lash extension on it. over time as well lashes can go wonky depending on how well they’ve been cared for or if you are a “face sleeper” will determine how many need to be replaced ontop of filling in. for a fill you need at least 50% of your lashes! if you have less then 50 percent or have ruined them beyond repair, you will need a new set!

Classic Lash extensions: Single Lashes added to single natural lash. each lash ranges from .10 – .25mm in diamter and can go from 7mm to 25mm in length!

Volume Lashes; Multiple lashes fanned out onto one natural lash.

Hybrid Lashes; amix of classic and volume lashes, (multiple lashes on a single natural lash, and single lash extensions on single natural lashes.

What is a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes, a formula is put onto them in order to curl the natural lash making them more noticable for those with straight lashes. A Tint can be added also which would add darkness to a light colored lash or even a regular lash making more of a mascara look.

Lash lift takes approx, 30 min to complete, and 45min with a tint added.

aftercare for Lash Lift: dont get wet for 24h . dont wear mascara for 24h!

lash lifts last approx. 6-8 weeks vs lash extensions you need a fill every 2-4 weeks

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